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<div class="playlist_container"> <div class = "song" onclick="play(1)"> <input type="image" src="image1.png" width="120" height="55" alt="Stream: Radio Bayern 1"> <h3>Radio Bayern 1</h3> <audio style="display:none" id ="1" src="http://pfad_zum_stream_1" preload="none" > </audio> <p> Das Ganze funktioniert natürlich auch mit einem Stream. </div> <div class = "song" onclick="play(2)"> <input type="image" src="image2.png" width="120" height="55" alt="Stream: NDR 2"> <h3>NDR 2</h3> <audio style="display:none" id ="2" src="http://pfad_zum_stream_2" preload="none" > </audio> <p> ... und mit beliebig vielen Streams. </div> </div>